“There should be a place in Pennsylvania’s future for anyone willing to work hard to make a better life.” These are just a few of the engaging and energizing quotes from Governor Tom Wolf’s budget address yesterday at the Capitol Building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Governor Wolf with 2018 PA Teacher of the Year finalists and Jennifer Wahl at the Governor’s Mansion

Yesterday the entire Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year class of 2018 was invited to hear Governor Tom Wolf’s budget address. To say the least, we as educators, were pleased with his dedication and commitment to investing in education. Specifically, Governor Wolf mentioned that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is currently graduating 86% of high school seniors, making our state the nation’s leader. He stated that over 100,000 students are enrolled in full day kindergarten throughout the Commonwealth, and that he plans to increase the career and technical education (CTE) budget by 33%. While CTE programs can be incredibly expensive, they are some of the most valuable and forward moving programs in terms of employability post high school. As teachers, we were inspired and motivated by Governor Wolf’s budget address and felt honored to be a part of the day. At 12:45pm we drove to the Governor’s Mansion in Harrisburg and joined Governor Wolf and the First Lady for lunch.