Although I did not take a break from being Teacher of the Year over the summer, I did take a break from being as active on the blog and social media. While I did not share this publicly, I was pregnant from the time I was named Teacher of the Year until July 16, 2018 when my daughter was born. It was incredibly challenging to work two jobs, represent the teachers of Pennsylvania and be massively pregnant all at the same time. There were times where I was so tired and out of breath that I wondered if I would make it through a speech, a class or even a photo! Once my daughter was born, I took 5 weeks to concentrate on her and my own recovery. Those five weeks went quickly and I went back to work on time.

My daughter has been incredibly tolerant of all my busy days and events so far, and I hope to bring her to many TOY events in the future. She will definitely make an appearance at SAS in December and at other locations throughout the CCSSO year.